faviconkdbKay Denise Brookes is a Nome de Plume created by the author to keep her fiction writing separated from her business writing. Of course, she also likes the way it rolled off the tongue.

Kay has dreamed of being a writer for most of her life and has always been a storyteller (although she admits that her version of storytelling was often just lying). Nonetheless, Kay wrote as much as she could throughout most of her childhood compiling a pretty impressive collection of poorly written work.

Her stories were not the typical pieces of teen angst. When Kay wrote, her stories were steeped in sexual fantasy.  Kay hid her stories as best she could. Their content was often adult in theme and included vivid and explicit acts of sex despite her limited knowledge of them at the time. In fact, much of her knowledge came from writers like Danielle Steele, Judy Blume, and a rather worn copy of “More Joy of Sex.”

Truthfully, Kay has always been mentally promiscuous, and eventually, her behavior caught up with her imagination. Unlike many sexually adventurous women, she never took shame in her encounters. Rather than keeping these experiences hidden, Kay used them as fuel for her writing. Mixing real-life experiences with fiction, she became engrossed in erotica.

Kay’s love of paranormal stories began with her introduction to  Bram Stoker’s Dracula, From there, she found Ann Rice’s character Lestat and devoured every Ann Rice novel that she could find. The darkness held an emotional power that could provide countless stories, and she became enthralled by the possibilities. From witches to shifters, to secrets hidden in plain sight, Kay believes that real romance happens in the exciting unknown.

Kay Denise Brookes is Kristina Brooke Daniele. She is from The Bronx in New York though currently living in Arizona. She holds a Bachelor of Science in English from the State University of New York, the College at Oneonta; a Masters of Science in Teaching from Fordham University, and lives a simple life with her husband, her daughter and their dog Rex.

Read more of Kay’s work at her author website.

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